Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

As I am quickly approaching this year’s celebration of my annual birthday, it is only natural and quite human of me to start thinking about my traditional, still-human-made, birthday cake.  Just today, however, I was disturbed by a new Yahoo Finance video (June 29, 2020).  It is entitled, This Robot Can Decorate Desserts In 2 Minutes.  The lead-in to the video states that, “The Deco-Pod by BeeHex is an all-in-one machine for in-store bakeries to improve consistency when decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.”

The video shows this “decorating robot” as a rectangular bed moving over the top of a cake, decorating its surface in a programmed, stereotyped, highly-“consistent” manner.  – – Okay, big deal!  Why can’t we just stick with HUMAN bakers?  Is this going to be another sneaky way for roboticists to take over the baking profession, one step at a time, as they are trying to do for many other once-HUMAN modes of endeavor?  My response is, “Just let us HUMAN BEINGS be employed as bakers, who will consistently (and probably more creatively) keep preparing our food!  If the robotic Deco-Pod takes over cake decorating, then where will be the HUMAN LOVE behind decorating baked goods as birthday treats for our special Loved Ones?”