Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, I watched The Greg Gutfeld Show, on Fox News Network.  The show featured a video of a remote-controlled robot dog, produced by Boston Dynamics. (See the figure, below.)  It jerkily struts about on four legs, and it currently enforces social distancing at a park in Singapore. First, this creepily-walking metallic “dog” senses the location of a nearby pedestrian in the park.  It then plays a recorded message, which reminds the pedestrian about keeping a safe distance from others, because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Even worse, this creepy “dog bot” violates our human privacy by using its camera to record all the people in the park!

Gutfeld talks more about this in a video, featured in the article, Gutfeld on the future is here and it’s robot dogs (  Jokingly, Gutfeld wryly informs us that,  “If the person doesn’t cooperate, the dog will sink its metallic teeth into the flesh of the pedestrian and rip out a solid pound of thigh muscle, leaving the person to die – – its corpse later devoured by squirrels”!  Gutfeld’s concluding remarks, however, I find far too spooky to be funny:  “So[,] God bless our future robot overlords, and remember, my metal friends – – it was I, your friend[,] Greg, who chose you over these stupid humans.  So[,] kill them all . . . but spare me.

In the Conversation section at the end of the article, we also find a most unfunny Covid-19-related comment by Trainman54:  “On a more serious note, the rapid adoption of A.I.-controlled equipment in industry will rapidly be aided by the virus situation.  In agriculture[,] intelligent crop equipment is already here.  Less costly versions will do away with the need for migrant labor.  In entertainment[,] we are on the cusp of A.I. actors – – even those long dead.  They will populate movies and tv.  [Thus, there will be] no need for expensive salaries and so on.  Pets are a novelty as A.I.[,] but I can see where more realistic devices will obviate the need for taking Fido out for his duties[,] and the best bargain [is] – – no more fleas in the house!  If the future is not quite here[,] yet, it is just around the corner.  Gutfeld is onto something!!!!!”