Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

POTENTIALLY GREAT NEWS!  Just yesterday  – – Weds., 2/19/20 – – the leaders of the EU (European Union) made proposals to regulate AI (Artificial Intelligence)!  As far as I am aware, this is the very FIRST time that ANYONE in the World has proposed to regulate this potentially DEADLY, MAN-MADE (not NATURAL or GOD-MADE) innovation!

ABC News ( explains that, “The EU’s report said clear rules are needed to address ‘high-risk AI systems,’ such as those in recruitment, healthcare, law enforcement or transport, which should be ‘transparent, traceable and guarantee human oversight.’  . . . .

“While it can be used to improve healthcare, make farming more efficient or combat climate change, it also brings risks.  It can be unclear what data artificial intelligence systems work off.  Facial recognition systems can be biased against certain social groups, for example.  There are also concerns about privacy and the use of the technology for criminal purposes, the report said.”

“Other ideas include preserving data to help trace any problems[,] and having AI systems clearly spell out their capabilities and limitations.  Users should be told when they’re interacting with a machine and not a human[,] while humans should be in charge of the system and have the final say on decisions[,] such as rejecting an application for welfare benefits . . .”

“EU leaders said they also wanted to open a debate on when to allow facial recognition in remote identification systems, which are used to scan crowds to check people’s faces to those on a database.  It’s considered the ‘most intrusive form’ of the technology and is prohibited in the EU[,] except in special cases.”

“Human-centered guidelines for artificial intelligence are essential[,] because ‘none of the positive things will be achieved if we distrust the technology,’ said Margrethe Vestager, the executive vice president overseeing the EU’s digital strategy.”


I certainly applaud the leaders of the European Union for taking a significant FIRST STEP in LIMITINGCONTROLLING, AND REGULATING THE NOW COMPLETELY UNLIMITED EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ROBOTICS AND AI!  However, it is very unclear how – – or even IF – – they would be able to stop Moore’s Law, by whose operation AI seems to keep doubling its strength, about every two-to-three years!  As far as I am concerned, however, I really do distrust the technology,” because it has NEVER occurred in the World of Nature, and it is the product of DEVIOUS AND FAULTY MANKIND!

Please consider this startling realization, Dear Witness:

MAN MAY, INDEED, NOW JUST BE PLAYING GOD!  And how can we possibly FORESEE all of the potentially disastrous, secondary, unintended consequences of full-blown AI, such as the GREAT TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY OF 2045?  Just one wrong move, may spell our quick and sudden, HUMAN EXTINCTION!